[Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.
    you no help bad

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Help Im stuck...
    I get a popup


    "Data\EtcObject\Mark_Train.nif gerebish text"

    and after that popup the app request terminate...
    already try and replace the said file with the one at the patch.. still same.

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Thank you!
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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    help me sir ?
    how to use patch 1-125 and 126-206 ?

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Sorry, more.. Have tutorial for linux compilation? :X Debian or Ubuntu, i need much.

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    accidentaly came back to this thread after over a year or two. im happy to see there was much progress happening and i guess u guys are still working on it. do you can tell whats working and/or not working?

    oh, and keep up that great work, im really happy to see this happen! :D

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Cancel project ? :)

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    [Sorry, please ignore me. I went way over my head on this.]
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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    where can i download client?

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Someone can help me to fix error:CreateCharacter(), some posts have this same error i try fix with posts answers
    but did not work

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Is it impossible to get close to latest patch?Current patch i believe is 437

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Hey guys, just coming to this thread to propose a possible project. Just want to clarify that I am not a programmer, I do not know how to work with database either, I had made privates server of maplestory or mu with working files though. What I want to come with is, there is anyone interested and that have knowledge to bring parts up to build a working game files up to date of the current version of DMO?? As I said, I don't have knowledge about any of this stuff but I'm pretty sure I can be able to learn how to set up an Npc, or load a map with mobs, assign drops since all this come in form of script and they are similar, I can help with that part.

    So, my mission is, create a working private server files for DMO so other people can actually expand it, DMO have a lot of potential as a private server and can be implemented many things on game, including characters rebirth to boost stats and other fun stuff.

    If anyone is interested, or if the owner of the present files is still here and is willing to keep working on his project. I'm looking forward to help.

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    I shall be proceeding with adding to the fixes with this as I'm currently working on the map pulls for which I will upload very soon.

    These will be the latest from the current Digimon MMO game and If you want to add them into your game then you'll need to unpack your client, and once that's done then import the maps you require.

    I will create a guide on the following soon as well.
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    ! Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Hello my friend, I do not know whether or not messages reach you Bradley
    Do you have files Digimon Master Online The latest Version?
    I am a programmer C#-Asp.net Mvc
    I can add many features to it and republish itI can also make a professional site for it

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    Re: [Tutorial]Digimon Server Setup guide.

    Hey, guys, anyone found a way to edit dat/bin files? They contain different informations such as evolution data, stats, items names etc... If we could edit them we could add new digimons from gdmo and kdmo. I hope someone will help me with them

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