Heroes of Three Kingdoms mysql help

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    Heroes of Three Kingdoms mysql help

    hello guys .. few days ago i did set up a Hotk server / using server files on a centos 6

    i did set up server correctly and everything works fine also when i start it no errors on console
    i also start up the client and server shows up / console trace the login like : user 111 pass 111 just to test but cannot connect cause no account

    my problem is with attaching / restoring sql !

    i installed llamp / configure it
    added a www page / edit the config.php file
    then when i go to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/phpmyadmin log in and make a new Db . called ( pw ) > import it seems it import with no problems
    but the problem is when i go to the website and make account it gives me error : warning : mysql_connect host 'root' is not allowed to connect to this mysql server in /opt/lampp/htdocs/register.php on line 18 fullhouse - php
    also i get that error on all lines / add cash / add gm / status / change pass

    also when i try to connect with navicat to
    conn name : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ( ip )
    host name / ip : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ( ip )
    port : 3306
    user : root
    pass : xxx
    i get the next error : 2003 - can't connect to mysql server on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (10060)

    i did open port 3306 / 22 in firewall

    also installed mysql with yum install mysql-server

    please tell me what to do / also if anyone wants to add a vid tutorial is welcome