[Ishtaria]where is this sdk used for exactly

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    information [Ishtaria]where is this sdk used for exactly

    i whas digging in leaked(well thay shoved it up the apk(its a android MMO)) code of a MMO i am making a pserver of and found this sdk:
    GITHUB(ANDROID): https://github.com/growthbeat/growthbeat-android
    Website(Japanise): Sdks | Growthbeatドキュメント |
    Docs(Japanise aswell): https://github.com/growthbeat/docs
    since i dont speak a word japanise i dont understand a word of it still it seems like it culd be one(or all) of there three things:
    • a notification sdk
    • a networking server
    • a engine

    so any of u japanise people and/or super big weebs come out and translate
    i will look if i can set it up so i may find what it fucking does i managed to google translate the docs and site
    ps i will send the CPP files upon request if ur to stupid to download the app and extract it with an zip extracting tool
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