i wana make a private server for Valkarie Crusade

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    config i wana make a private server for Valkarie Crusade

    so basicley i have been playing valkarie crusade for over 1 year its a amazing game only flaw are the fact the jewels(a ingame curency) is isnaley complicated to earn(exept trough IAPs) in the required ammounds i havnt found any good info exept connection code and interested sniffed packages
    This is the decompiled code that contains the connection urls(from NPConfig.java):
    here are the connection packages(txt format)(to big for pastebin so uploaded here also copy and paste might currupt some info):
    Valkarie crusade sniffed package
    i tried merging the files it almost crashed my browser and even pastebin didnt like the size

    - - - Updated - - -

    pm me if your interested or know solusions if you wana be a permanend team member apply here: World's first Valkarie Crusade Private Server needs staff
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