New anti-cheat -StealthGuard

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    New anti-cheat -StealthGuard

    New anticheat - StealthGuard

    Extremely sophisticated anti-cheat that comes along with a self-made packer. (source written from scratch) As good as some commercial packers, though i will admit not on par with something like themida.

    Some features of the packer (output can be seen in images at bottom of post)
    1. Code obfuscation
    2. Import removal(and encryption)
    3. Sections encryption
    Naturally, there are the other standard features like debugger checks and more.

    For someone to defeat our packer? thats highly unlikely - there is neither tool nor information on how to defeat it. so the attacker must have - time, effort, and skill.

    But the packer is just part of of our anti-cheat.
    The actual anti-cheat even more advanced capabilities.
    It has a built-in engine to detect illegal activities, even if it is not blacklisted beforehand.
    Some of our features are something that even anti-cheats like Xigncode3 or nProtect do not have.

    Some notable features of anti-cheat :
    -Detect & Reject dll injections, even the advanced techniques like manual mapping
    -Detect unknown illegal programs.
    And pretty much all other standard features anti-cheats have(and some more we are working on in the future)

    *User-friendly (set-up < 10min even for non-technical people)*Anti-virus friendly (Need not disable/make exception)

    Our anti-cheat system(along with the packer) is compatible with
    1. Any unpacked game client
    -> Any game compiled from source code matches this criteria
    2. Most packed game clients
    -> Depends on the packer used, and the options chosen.
    3. Windows vista and later
    -> We will eventually drop support for vista too - since microsoft dropped vista & xp already.

    Code obfuscation

    Import removal(and encryption)

    Sections encryption

    From our packer alone - you can see that we have invested time, effort, and skill into this project.
    Of course, we are always looking to improve on it, and we do have certain features we are still working towards. so, if you have any ideas/feedback, feel free to let me know. Or what do you guys look for in anti-cheat solutions?
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    Re: New anti-cheat -StealthGuard

    is it for commercial? my development
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    Re: New anti-cheat -StealthGuard

    How do I get this anti-cheat if I want it on my game server?