A fps game i'm working on.

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    Re: A fps game i'm working on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenshin112 View Post
    Lol You became nasty and now You habe no real comment left. You Are really a sad Person haha.
    Thank you that's kind

    Now to clear things out i'm not going to have a discussion with you and so i don't give you a reason to discuss.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Good day my friend i hope you find someone to start a discussion with as that's what you're looking for.

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    Re: A fps game i'm working on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenshin112 View Post
    i think i made alot more progress then YOU my "friend", i don't need to proof how good my skills are.
    puush / Zenshin112 / Gallery
    It's like i imagined, you don't like critism. Whatyou showed is not that much work. You didnt provide any informations about your server and database informations.You only write such a bullshit like "Database system to store all layer informations" lol great! A game which only stores informations. So you are writing the data but don't read it. Good job.
    For a real gamedev the data you provided is more than a joke.

    Sincerely Zenshin112

    Edit: Yes, i know almost everything related to making a game.
    I made my own UI, wrote some complete new libs for this ui, including panels, checkboxes and so on.
    Complete new packetsystem. Rewrote the whole game engine i'm using from 1998 to 2008, DX8 to DX9. Created effects, made animations, worldmodels, charmodels, pvmodels, hhmodels,textures.
    Made plugins for 3dsmax2012. Wrote new Worldcreation-"app" Whole encryption system for:
    Modelfiles, Worldfiles, Textures, scripts, 118 weapons currently, made it reading CA Skels and so on.
    Wrote Bump-mapping for Char and Weaponmodels, CSAA and so on. Don't want to continue.
    Currently working on adding Gear including informations like speedincreasement, protection and so on.
    Zenshin112: Oh you took the Sudden Attack client and updated it with Combat Arms graphics, ugly made UI and moved buttons around. Congratulations.

    On-topic: I like what you have done so far Elite! I would love to play it once more complete and graphics have improved :) Hope you have ideas for replacing the music with actual game sounds like footsteps, jump sound and so on, cause music like that when playing is just going to destroy the experience.

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