Sabe - Supercharged Web Development

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    Sabe - Supercharged Web Development

    I created with one mission in mind: to help spread high-quality web development tutorials and resources, for free. I launched Sabe just a few days ago will full classes on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    I started programming because of RageZone, so I think it's pretty cool to be able to share with you all my latest project, essentially helping other people learn web development.

    I'd love any feedback whatsoever on this, and thanks for reading!

    Sabe website:

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    Re: Sabe - Supercharged Web Development

    Looks pretty good. I like your progress tracker along the top, not sure many would notice that for what it is, but it's nice. Might be a good idea to have a more indicative tracker for the traditionalists. I particularly like your top sections of classes, being a large colour-coded welcome.

    I'm actually a website development teacher for a College here in Australia. Sending you a PM, if you're keen for content writers.
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