[Unity] Mining Game (Early development)

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    cool [Unity] Mining Game (Early development)

    Hello RageZone Community!

    I'd like to show you one of my first Unity projects.

    It's a mining game, our concept is based on Mining boy (ijji).

    Concept contains:
    - Shops (Detailed)
    - Inventory layout (Basic)
    - Map levels (Detailed)
    - Story (Little short, but getting there)
    - Crafting (Detailed)
    - Items (Detailed)
    - Basic interface (Basic)
    - Character stats (Detailed)
    - Boss fighting strategy (Basic)

    Since our developer started working 40+ hours a week, we haven't done a lot yet, progress so far:
    - Map Generating (80%)
    - Textures (20%)
    - Inventory (25%)
    - Character Movement / Animations (25%)

    If you think you could help on this project, kindly let me know and we'll talk :)!