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    ! Ferentus Reverse Data Packets

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    Hello again everyone. I'm posting again a bit of a progress with Ferentus Server.

    Okay. First of all: I've managed to understand OPCODES from the client. (I don't know if this is the entire list of opcodes).
    1. 0x00 - Failure.
    2. 0x01 - User banned or already logged in game!
    3. 0x02 - Not the latest version of the game!
    4. 0x03 - User not registered!
    5. 0x04 - Incorrect password!
    6. 0x05 - Account is not for game play! Contact GM!
    7. 0x06 - ID Currently is being used! Contact GM!
    8. 0x07 - Incorrect client program! (Probably for version check!)
    9. 0x08 - Using period expired!
    10. 0x09 - All IPs is using!
    11. 0x10 - That slot is already empty!
    12. 0x11 - That slot is empty.
    13. 0x12 - No more time for character deletion.
    14. 0x13 - Status allocation failure.
    15. 0x14 - Item allocation failure.
    16. 0x15 - Skill allocation failure.
    17. 0x16 - Craft allocation failure.
    18. 0x17 - Servers are currently closed. Please try again later.
    19. 0x18 - Not existing zone. Please contact GM.
    20. 0x19 - Login not possible due to maintenance.
    21. 0x20 - Lack of cash.
    22. 0x21 - Level is too low.
    23. 0x22 - Level is too high.
    24. 0x23 - Under penalty of character ability.
    25. 0x24 - The target is under penalty of character ability.
    26. 0x25 - Lack of fame.
    27. 0x26 - Failed to create the item.
    28. 0x27 - Failed to delete the item.
    29. 0x28 - Untradable item.
    30. 0x29 - Already in use.
    31. 0x30 - Corpse looted by someone else.
    32. 0x31 - You have no right to loot this corpse.
    33. 0x32 - Corpse is too weak to loot.
    34. 0x33 - Processing call from other inventory.
    35. 0x34 - Not enough space in the bag.
    36. 0x35 - Can not proceed trading.
    37. 0x36 - The player has canceled the trade.
    38. 0x37 - You lack the space for this item.
    39. 0x38 - Your target lacks the space for this item.
    40. 0x39 - GM service is not currently available.
    41. 0x40 - You have no party.
    42. 0x41 - Player's in a different party.
    43. 0x42 - You can not make yourself a target.
    44. 0x43 - The target is not a party member.
    45. 0x44 - Please check the number of party members.
    46. 0x45 - Processing call from party member's inventory.
    47. 0x46 - Processing party's item sharing.
    48. 0x47 - Processing party's money sharing.
    49. 0x48 - The selected sharing methos is currently active.
    50. 0x49 - Failed to share items.
    51. 0x50 - Mercenary needs a ceratin amount of time to rest.
    52. 0x51 - Requested mercenary is not the same as the saved one.
    53. 0x52 - Only available to guild masters.
    54. 0x53 - The name already exists.
    55. 0x54 - Incorrect choice of city selection.
    56. 0x55 - Not enough members to form a guild.
    57. 0x56 - Forming a guild requires players of certain level or higher.
    58. 0x57 - Max number of member has exceeded.
    59. 0x58 - Could not find the member.
    60. 0x59 - The guild does not exist.
    61. 0x60 - Incorrect item for slot.
    62. 0x61 - The sheet does not exist.
    63. 0x62 - You have tried to use an incorrect craft tool.
    64. 0x63 - You have not placed all the required materials into their slots.
    65. 0x64 - You do not have the skills to initiate this craft session.
    66. 0x65 - You have not placed all the required materials into their slots.
    67. 0x66 - Your manufacture level is too low.
    68. 0x67 - Exceeded maximum enchantment level.
    69. 0x68 - Failed to add to the waiting queue.
    70. 0x69 - Already exists in the waiting queue.
    71. 0x70 - The shop does not exist.
    72. 0x71 - The item does not exist.
    73. 0x72 - Not listed in your friends list.
    74. 0x73 - Already registered as a friend.
    75. 0x74 - Too many friends registered.
    76. 0x75 - Must have a character of certain level in oreder to create a HC character.
    77. 0x76 - Not the correct field.
    78. 0x77 - Not the correct action in this field.
    79. 0x78 - Not the correct action at this position.
    80. 0x79 - Not the correct arena.
    81. 0x80 - Party member is not enough.
    82. 0x81 - Not level.
    83. 0x82 - Not party memeber's level.
    84. 0x83 - Party waiting list is full.
    85. 0x84 - Status has already been initialized.
    86. 0x85 - Can not perform initialization while wearing items.
    87. 0x86 - Quest already complete.
    88. 0x87 - Quest already give up.
    89. 0x88 - Quest add fail.
    90. 0x89 - Quest remove fail.
    91. 0x90 - No more Stat to be reset.
    92. 0x91 - Equipment is not empty.
    93. 0x92 - The player is currently Off-line, you can't summon the player.
    94. 0x93 - The player is currently staying in unable place to visit or be invited.
    95. 0x94 - It's been denied your request.
    96. 0x95 - You are not the guild master.
    97. 0x96 - Teleport is failed.
    98. 0x97 - Error code that does not exist.
    99. 0x0A - Login Duplication
    100. 0x0B - The same name already exists. Please try another name.
    101. 0x0C - Incorrect character status.
    102. 0x0D - This name is not allowed.
    103. 0x0E - This character is member of a guild. Please try again after seceding.
    104. 0x0F - Character slot number overflow.
    105. 0x1A - Can not accept more users. Please try again later.
    106. 0x1B - Failed to item data loading. Please contact GM.
    107. 0x1C - Failed to enter a game field. Please contact GM.
    108. 0x1D - The server already has the same character. Please try later.
    109. 0x1E - The character does not exist. Please try later.
    110. 0x1F - Asked data not sufficient.
    111. 0x2A - Can not divide this item.
    112. 0x2B - This item does not exist.
    113. 0x2C - This skill does not exist.
    114. 0x2D - This skill has not been learned.
    115. 0x2E - Incorrect target.
    116. 0x2F - Target too far.
    117. 0x3A - Your call is already in queue.
    118. 0x3B - The party does not exist.
    119. 0x3C - You must be the party leader.
    120. 0x3D - The target already joined another party.
    121. 0x3E - You already invited player.
    122. 0x3F - The target is already considering an invite.
    123. 0x4A - You can not disband party now.
    124. 0x4B - You can not kick the party member now.
    125. 0x4C - You can not leave party now.
    126. 0x4D - You can not have more than one pet out.
    127. 0x4E - No pet to call.
    128. 0x4F - Mercenary is not in rest state.
    129. 0x5A - You already invited a player.
    130. 0x5B - The target is already in another guild.
    131. 0x5C - The target is being invited by another guild.
    132. 0x5D - The target refused your invitation.
    133. 0x5E - Craft sheet required.
    134. 0x5F - Craft tool required.
    135. 0x6A - Party does not exist in the queue.
    136. 0x6B - The waiting queue required time to refresh.
    137. 0x6C - Player hiring a mercenary cannot open private shop.
    138. 0x6D - Exceeded maximum number of items can be registered.
    139. 0x6E - Failed to register the item.
    140. 0x6F - Sold Out.
    141. 0x7A - It is not the allowed time.
    142. 0x7B - Already registered as opponent.
    143. 0x7C - Failed to register opponent.
    144. 0x7D - Failed to cancel opponent.
    145. 0x7E - Not joined bt the team allowed.
    146. 0x7F - Only allowed to the owner.
    147. 0x8A - Quest is not progress.
    148. 0x8B - Quest ID not found.
    149. 0x8C - Quest UID not found.
    150. 0x8D - Quest Condition fail.
    151. 0x8E - The quest progress failed.
    152. 0x8F - Quest dat already loaded.
    I've managed to get the Login procedure correctly into the Login Server.
    The client is sending the data packet encrypted with XOR:
    The key for the Login data packet: 0xCD, 0x18, 0x3E 0x0D

    The decoding function written into the LoginServer is encrypting the data packet with this key:0x63, 0x3D, 0x4C, 0xB7

    !!!The problem is... I don't know if the decoding keys are changing after the login.

    Okay. On the first image, I'm sending the login information to the client in the first packet, and the client responded with AUTH SUCCES(00 04 00 00 01 00) (01 - actually is 00 for AUTH SUCCES and 01 is for User is banned or already logged in!)

    That 00 03 5F 5A 6C - I don't know what's that, maybe some serverlist requesting for the serverlist choose window.

    Here, the client is requesting data packets to be sent by server:
    00 02 57 57
    00 02 52 52

    Now. Another packet client is sending is when I'm using the Start.Bat (Client.bin 29000).

    The first 31 bytes packet is requesting something which I don't know how to interpret.
    I'm thinking of a new decrypting key.

    00 1D - the data length
    CD 11 - Header of the data

    00 1D CD 11 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18
    3F 0D CD 18 3E 0D CC

    3E 0D CD 18 - is repeating 6 times (24 bytes)

    3E 0D CC - Maybe this is the flag or something?

    On background is the client running through that Start.bat.
    The No response from the server came after 7-8 seconds.

    Okay, next data packet sent by the client is when I'm choosing the server from the list.

    I don't know if the decoded packet is correct.

    Maybe the decryption key is different for this kind of data.

    The error came from the client: Mistake input parameter
    I'm thinking is a buffer error. The client is trying to open the game but the data is not correct(I assume, I'm not sure about this).

    I don't know exactly if the client needs to communicate with an World Server, not only with the actual Login Server. I couldn't decode any decimal IPs within the data packets. I've found nothing yet.

    The problem is: I can't get into the game.
    00 16 79 6C... etc... is a request from the client I think it's the "Get info from the World Server so I can create it and launch the main menu").

    I'm still trying to figure it out.

    Any help from anyone who developed any kind of server emulator is so much appreciated!!!

    (I'm trying my best here to make something for Ferentus community xD)
    Thank you all again.Any help is appreciated by anyone who can help me.
    Maybe someone who knows how to decrypt those kind of packets could help me out with this.
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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Data Packets

    Hello, can I personally ask you a few questions?
    my skype - mr.fakk5

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    Re: Ferentus Reverse Data Packets

    00 1D CD 11 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18 3E 0D CD 18
    3F 0D CD 18 3E 0D CC
    this is still xor'd as you can see the pattern of CD....

    if you can upload a .exe might be able to help more. Your also going to need to reverse the client side packets and switch in order to know what the client wants to receive from the server. As i can only guess the server doesn't exist anymore and your just sending random packets to the client.