Need help!

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    shout Need help!

    Need help!
    I need help decrypting an old dead mmorpg called Priston Tale 2.
    It probably has XOR encryption, it was written in Unreal 2.5. I only have the full client dated 2009.
    An old version before they totally changed the game. Could anyone take a look and see what can be done?
    I would like to try to emulate from the full client to capture something useful.

    Some pics from game:

    the client has 3GB so whoever is interested please contact me.

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    Re: Need help!

    Have you checked the Priston Tale section for this info?
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    Re: Need help!

    Yes, I already looked at the entire Priston Tale session. I didn't find anything related to the development of Priston Tale 2. Even because it is considerably another game with the same title as PT1.