[Help] Open compressed files

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    [Help] Open compressed files

    Hello RageZone !

    I would open files of one of my favorite MMO : Divina. So I tried to open them (.og_, .tg_, .ni_, ...) but that didn't work. I found a script in Perl code on a japanese forum to open .og_ files and convert them in .ogg files. The script works perfectly and I could listen (beautiful) Divina musics.
    I tried to use this script to open .tg_ files, .ni_ files..., but it didn't work.

    So I posted in a thread to ask if there are a way to open others files and how the .og_ to .ogg converter script works.
    I understood, thanks to PaulXOXO, how this script works (use the uncompress function), but now, I can't open .tga and other...
    I know i have to use dll but I didn't know how to =x

    I give you the thread and a quote : [Request] Divina (MMORPG) - Impossible to open files (like .og_, .tg_, ...)

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulXOXO View Post
    Thanks for the binaries.

    The .tga (not .tg_) loading code is in NiMain11VC71.dll.
    The whole .tga (not .tg_) file reading is in the function Ni____TGA_Reader::ReadFile.

    For info, in NiMain11VC71.dll
    there are also the functions :


    But before reading the .tga,
    the game uses a decompression
    (ReadPlaycooGraphicBody -> CFilePacker::ReadBody -> Decompress)

    In DataManager.dll
    there is also for example this function : "CFilePacker::WriteTG_".

    You need to look at the functions of DataManager.dll.
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    Re: [Help] Open compressed files

    The TG_ header is not compressed,
    the TG_ content is simply decompressed with the "Decompress" function (so without LzIDEA).

    Uncompressed TGAs are 32 bits/pixel without RLE.


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