LaTale Game Server Executable Reverse Engineering

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    LaTale Game Server Executable Reverse Engineering

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help reverse engineering the LaTale "Game Server" executable that loads practically every ounce of content in this game.
    The executable itself is extremely outdated, only having the ability to read/load Season 1 LaTale files, and cannot recognize many new items past that such as the "Soul Breaker" class, as well as the revamps to skill animations that came with it. The reason I’m looking to have this reverse engineered is to work on developing a whole new experience with LaTale and creating it into somewhat of a different game, in short balancing out the flaws with how the content progresses.

    Here is an example of the executable refusing to read the newer content:
    Now here’s yet another issue with this old executable:

    If anyone has any idea on reverse engineering this executable and would like to help, please leave a reply to this thread.