Grand fantasia / files pkg uncompressed

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    Grand fantasia / files pkg uncompressed

    So many people have been waiting for the Grand Fantasia files for a long time, but no one has been able to decrypt ... if someone can extract the pkg file from the client, it would be possible to create an emulator or even a server ? because if this is the case I believe I have found the solution!

    So I am here to shared the uncompressed pkg files.Remember this is not a file server, just the possible files to build a server or emulator!

    Content: files data, char, npc, monsters and maps, all extrated pkg files (Client PT last version)

    Password: Ragezone
    Language: PT
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    Re: Dream Journey/Grand Fantasia files?

    Okay... then why not share your solution and see if anyone can get it to work?
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    Re: Grand fantasia / files pkg uncompressed

    Would be awesome

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    Re: Grand fantasia / files pkg uncompressed

    I saw that the client Aura Kingdom is very similar perhaps it would be interesting to dig on this side as we have the file server Aura.
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    Re: Grand fantasia / files pkg uncompressed

    Nice @itachi77! Im a PT player too.

    For now im looking the Aura Kingdom Emulators, tryin to figure how can they help with GF, maybe that way way can work.Since 2009 and nothing new about server for this game, only few animation tweaker and BOTs... =(

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    Re: Grand fantasia / files pkg uncompressed

    Any info yet?

    I found the CB client for grand fantasia, figured we could get that one working faster then the newer ones.

    Just need help with the databases and stuff >.<

    And I looked into ak's database but still can't figure out how to put one
    together for GF.

    So if anyone has any info please post !