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    idea Find install Crazy arcade final

    Hello ragezone community, first of all wish you a happy 2018 year and happy.I'm a newcomer, I've been looking for information on the forum a lot and I am very happy because of what people share, I have a request, the administrator will review his request.
    Pogtag also known as boom crazy arcade is a great online game, and many features make me love this game. Boom supports two players, there are many different modes, we can go together to kill bosses or fight in the arena, accompanied by cute graphics and fun soundtrack suitable for children as well.
    But server is less and less players should VNG closed the game in May 5/2017, I am very sad about this, in the end the online game only for commercial purposes, and when not enough revenue they will close server, boom Online is no longer a place to have fun.
    Any online game needs a database, server and file install game, and I know can recover online boom because there are many topics online server private boom online, but all links are dead.
    Please create an online boom archive so that people who love this game can find ways to restore this game and share it with everyone who needs it. May administrators be able to consider.
    I still remember childhood accompanied by the mummy escape play online boom together with the fun. I do not want the game Boom Online as well as all other online games have ended like TAAN.
    Sorry for saying too long and sorry if the request is somewhat confusing because I use google translate.
    Love ragezone a lot.
    here is the final boom VN 2.5.3 : ( need server file , db)