[Request] Saint Seiya Online (圣斗士星矢OL) - Server Files

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    [Request] Saint Seiya Online (圣斗士星矢OL) - Server Files

    Hi guys, I asking help to find a good Chinese private servers repository.

    I'm looking specificaly for Saint Seiya Online server files + client.

    Can anyone help me?

    I know that there are some private Chinese and Thai servers running on 0.2.15 version, so I believe it is avaliable somewhere

    Any help will be welcome

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    Re: [Request] Saint Seiya Online (圣斗士星矢OL) - Server Files

    Hello I am also behind a server files more and very complicated to find because the Chinese do not offer so easy and also complicated to negotiate with them to buy because there are many who are not honest more if someone has and that can make available I thank you even be the old version thank you!
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