Please Stop Scam your players

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    Please Stop Scam your players

    Something came to my attention during those months, since i'm on swordsman's developpement

    i saw that many servers openned then suddently close after they've got donation from their players

    i don't think that you are doing good for this SWO Communauty.

    Asking people donate then close server after 2 months you think it's fun for players ? you make them afraid to go on private server and donate. This attitude will destroy all privates server because people will be afraid donate for help server stay alive

    i remember you that players are almost players from retail server (for any game)

    if you wanna be a part of a big server communauty i suggest you to be a nice admin and make your server as players wish for it's stay long alive and players will be pleased to donate and stay 24/24 on your server

    i'm not talking for swordsman only i'm saying this for any kind of server that someone want host for public

    Also if you are using other server file, have some balls to says the truth to your players that you didn't dev it but took it from other server ^^

    At least from my past of private server 's admin i saw that people what they only seek now is Money money money

    i remember you for those who don't know me yet i did work on aion since the start but i keep my work up till few months ago and i never ever get any kind of donation for it but i keep my project up because i had pation for work on server file

    So be good and you'll make a good server :) else go delete your name as developper on google because you are a freak :)
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    Re: Please Stop Scam your players

    it's a problem with a lot of servers not just swordman. Servers will pop up, take a small portion of cash and leave. Some people will do this quite a lot of times re-branding the same old junk .
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    Re: Please Stop Scam your players

    i opened mine for free
    i would accept donations since i have no job atm
    but i make servers for people and my friends to play,none of my country beside rich ppl could afford vip items-subscriptions and all that stuff
    cause 1 dolar here its 8.90 so we re paying like 9 times more than any other region

    i cant run swordman(i think) on my pc but i would gladly open a free regional server for my country