[Read Before Posting] SwordsMan Online - Rules !

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    ! [Read Before Posting] SwordsMan Online - Rules !

    Here are the section rules, if you have any problems with any of them or would like to suggest extra once, please private message me or a supervisor.

    1. Do not advertise anywhere in the SwordsMan section! That includes server advertisement or services advertisement.
    2. Read the General RZ rules.
    3. Do not Flame! That includes [Insulting, harassment, calling someone a noob and etc].
    4. Do not steal from members and claim its your own work. That is not acceptable!
    5. You must provide virustotal OR jotti scan for files & links.

    Post the right content in the right section:

    I Do not answer PM or Skype!
    I Do not have/buy/sell server files!

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