Usefull Info for stop server crash

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    Usefull Info for stop server crash

    Well i give you the secret why your server crash over and over and over and over and over


    Reasons :

    1. you give sycee at registration
    2. addcash doesnt update properly
    3. you give cash to an inactive user so if you dont clear ur table server will generate errors

    Fix :
    • Remove sycee at account creation (the call addcash)
    • Be sure that before you send Sycee to an account that table point is filled with account id
      from this one => if account is not generated there => account not found => authd crash
    • From my webplatform you have database with fix :) try to understand how i manage it with now_sn (table users) and addcash procedure this is important else server crash

    That all folks :)
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    Re: Usefull Info for stop server crash

    Thanks for clearing this out some noobs here need that kind of a help. Again thank you hoping to launch my Own Server this year. Will contact you soon.

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    Re: Usefull Info for stop server crash

    Thank for share !