Quest, AI, world scripts

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    config Quest, AI, world scripts

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    I am looking for someone who have things like:
    Quest/instance scripts,
    AI scripts,
    World/trigger scripts,
    Bot paths,
    Some kind kind of NTL's documentation
    and other useful stuff.

    I would like to buy them or I can offer partnership with % of income from my server.
    Here you can find what is already working on server:
    New DBO Project

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    Re: Quest, AI, world scripts

    @RZK , you can find the trigger things in their ".pak" files, use the "Unpaker" tool you can found in old KR, but i think you need do some changes at tool to make it work.
    Also you going to need to redesign the class things for to work with then(if you plan use the DBO TS things)
    AI and Bots if i remember not exists in client things(well at last i didn't found)

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    Re: Quest, AI, world scripts

    I already got everything from client, I have own *.pak unpacker/packer which work with TW client.
    Trigger thing from client is not complete. You are right that bot paths and AI is not in client, that is point of this thread.
    I am lookng for stuff which can not be found in game client. I believe DBOG have that kind of stuff.
    It would speed up my work, I can do everything without it, but just slower.