Another DBO Server Emulator (DEV)

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    Re: Another DBO Server Emulator (DEV)

    You can have fun playing around even with what's out right now
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    Re: Another DBO Server Emulator (DEV)

    Quote Originally Posted by yversondbo View Post
    an offline project I mean I just want it for fun

    you can find a lot in github!
    And coding yourself!

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    Re: Another DBO Server Emulator (DEV)

    Quote Originally Posted by marcomurta View Post
    ahaha Thats is my Old akcore version with out any Change :) exp Random like i leave it also attack speed worong dogi drops nothing new here
    Actually, EXP didn't even drop when I first got mobs to die. When I first got the source I couldn't even deal damage to the mobs lol. So I had to revamp the battle system so that the player could deal damage. I was also able to get the quests to give random exp. So I actually did make some additions to the source lol. But, yes, as I said before, this isn't my source.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also for those wanting the source to be public, I can't do so until I get permission from the owners of the source. I just want to avoid as much trouble as I possibly can. So, to be on the safe side, I will wait until the guys from AKcore tell me that I can release.

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