Be aware of the Hacks..

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    Be aware of the Hacks..

    Since I could only find 2 real ROM Private Servers, I decided to do some research about hack and everything that can kill one of these servers without proper hack protection..

    I came across this forum...

    That forum lists tons of hacks for both rompvp and the other server.. So if you plan on launching a server open to the world, you might want to get the source code and get some real cheat detection added in, or at least get GameGuard working again.

    Seems most of the private servers are hit with a ton of hacks.. Even the server Domo is a serveradmin of, can't even seem to keep their server up and running..

    If you are going to dish out the cash for a monster server, at least understand what you are getting in to...

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    Re: Be aware of the Hacks..

    You're wrong - it's not hacks, it's just bot waypoints.
    Bots usually can be banned by players reports if someone would need it.