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    Development Blog - Dragonica Reborn


    herewith I would like to present the official devblog of It's a new dragonica server which is developed since a few months. Through we are working with sources, we are able to create completely new or recreate features of dragon saga.The project got founded by 'Trip1', 'ReOil', 'xmas tree?' and 'iostream'. The server is developed by ReOil our designer are 'Azu' and 'Fancy', our mapper is 'xmas tree?' and the supporter are: 'Xamu', 'Regu', and 'Hermione'.






    For sure, we have a lot more features, this are only some impressions ;)

    Join our discord for news:

    With this devblog we would like to present news to the server. We are
    looking forward for constructive criticism.
    Question can be also answered in this thread.

    Best regards,
    the team of dragonica Reborn

    *Updates are follow in irregular distances. If we don't present something new, it doesn't mean that we didn't already implemented new features.
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    Re: Development Blog - Dragonica Reborn

    Moved to Upcoming considering you guys haven't even released Beta yet according to your forums. Please don't forget to include the server's physical location and a screenshot showing an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!" as required by the section rules. You have 24 hours to add the missing requirements. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your thread. Thank you. :--)