GigaMU | X1000 | Canadá| Exp 1000X | Freebies | START 16. AUG

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    GigaMU | X1000 | Canadá| Exp 1000X | Freebies | START 16. AUG

    GigaMU is a new MuOnline Private Server based on Season 12.
    The project is based on a simple, pleasant and innovative system.
    Our server has several unique features that will bring an exciting gameplay style to Easy Servers players.

    The server will open on August 16th.

    + Opening times:
    Server UTC
    [UTC +2, 19.00 Poland]
    [UTC +8, 01.00PM Philipines] (17th)
    [UTC -3, 14.00AM Argentina]
    Or check our countdown timer on top of website!

    + Server settings:
    Server Location: Canadá [BHS]
    Experience: X1000
    Drop: 50%
    Master Experience: x1000
    Max Stats: 32.767
    Mas Level: 920 (400 Normal + 520 Master)
    Max option: +16
    Stats per Level: 5/7
    Resets: Stats burns, Free 500 stats, +10 Credits each reset!
    Grand resets: from 300 Resets, All resets burns, stats goes to 50, reward 1000 Credits (Or more, according to vip)!

    + Season 12 and Custom Features!
    Event system by SCRIPT.
    Therefore we will always bring innovation in new plugins to optimize the gaming experience.
    Auction Event in Game [Read in Guides] [HOT]
    Lorencia Drop Event (Check in Giga Scheduler)
    Hide And Seek Event (Get Ruuds / Goblin Points) [HOT]
    Wing Of Conqueror Mix (Get Conqueror's Badge)
    Dark Transformation Ring Mix (Get Badge Of Hardship)
    Nixs Event / Boss
    Archeron Event / Boss
    Ferea Event / Boss
    Invasions / Boss: Golden, Super Goldens, Medusa, Selupan, Kundun, Skeleton King, Red Dragon, Gorgons, Hydras, Metal Balrog, Core Magriffy, Alpha Crust, Goblins, Muun Invasion, Budge Dragon Invasion.
    Moss Gambler
    Imperial Guardian
    Blood Castle (Get Divine Weapons)
    Devil Square (Get Jewels and DOUBLE EXP).
    Crywolf Attack: Get Random Itens!
    Double Goer
    Chaos Castle (Have chance of Drop Badges Conqueror and Hardship).
    Exclusive Jewels to Upgrade your item. [HOT]
    Rework on Game Options (GET more benefics).
    Auction Boss: Dispute for the purchase of BOSS. (Scheduled Event) [HOT]
    Raffle Event: Automatic draw every 1 Hour! [HOT]
    Starter Pack: Create your character and earn a Beginner KIT! [HOT]
    Super Quiz: Respond correctly and receive rewards! [HOT]
    Crazy : At pre-defined times it will be possible to buy 50% off items. [HOT]
    Messaging system with different colors for each situation.
    Mini Games valued with great rewards. (High drop of cards)

    + Web Details:
    WebSite: GigaMU - MuOnline
    Forum: GigaMU - Private Server

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    Re: [MU] GigaMU [Ex1000] [CA] | Exp 1000X | Freebies | START 16. AUG

    Moved to Upcoming Servers until officially live. Once it has, please post in the pinned thread of this section.

    Please provide the location/country of your server's host and at least one in-game screenshot of an admin character saying 'Hello RaGEZONE'. You have 24 hours or your thread will be archived. Thanks.

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    Re: GigaMU | X1000 | Canadá| Exp 1000X | Freebies | START 16. AUG

    Solved. :)