[SA:MP] Nitro Roleplay 0.3.7

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    [SA:MP] Nitro Roleplay 0.3.7

    Server Information

    Server IP: nitro-rp.com
    Site: https://nitroroleplay.com/
    Forum: https://forum.nitroroleplay.com/
    Discord: https://discord.nitroroleplay.com/
    UCP: https://ucp.nitroroleplay.com/

    Proof for Ragezone: https://i.imgur.com/vuNmGdY.png
    Location of server: Netherlands, Europe


    Nitro RolePlay is a community that encourages individuals and provides them with the necessary roleplay support they may need during their stay. Individuals that pose some basic English and RolePlay skills would fit in pretty easily and make new friendships as the community grows. Nitro RolePlay is to open their doors at mid-way of October towards the beginning of November, as we are preparing everything in order to have an enjoyable stay within our community that is full of opportunities.

    Administration Team

    The Management team in Nitro RolePlay spends several hours daily trying to find the best individuals that fit into the Administration Team. Additionally, the Management Team is constantly trying to provide as much assistance is possible to Administrators and train them as much as possible.


    The role of this rank is to manage and supervise the community.

    Lead Administrator
    A Lead Administrator is responsible for the community as they enforce the rules accordingly and ensure that the server runs smoothly. Another task that a Lead Administrator has is to give reports to the Management team regarding community's matters.

    The main tasks of this role are to make sure that everyone in the community is following the rules, as they are able to enforce them.

    Trial Administrator
    This is the lowest administrator rank, therefore it doesn't pose that many permissions. Other than that Trial Administrators have to help Administrators reporting to them any rule-breakers and act accordingly on situations that may happen.

    Helper Team
    The main duties of the helper team are to provide support to players that may need assistance.

    Some of their duties are;

    • Assisting players that may need assistance regarding the community or generally RolePlay situations.
    • Contacting new people and providing them with valuable information, in order to help them get started and settled easier and faster.
    • Actively respond to /newb and answer questions that may be asked there, as they also pose the permissions to enforce peace on /newb chat.


    You will always find new opportunities at Nitro RolePlay as the RolePlay experience here is unlimited. You can choose to be creative and attempt to make a new faction or join an existing one, as well as create a gang or join one.
    Here is a list of some interesting opportunities that you can't miss!


    • San Andreas Police Department - Their role is to enforce the laws and keep the city peaceful. The recruitment status may change as the community grows but you can take a look here for more information.
    • San Andreas Fire And Medical Department - The duties of this department are to provide medical assistance to citizens and to put out fires. The recruitment status may change as well based on the activity of the community. For more information please here.
    • San Andreas Government - As every country out there needs a commanding team, here in Nitro RolePlay we take that as a consideration as well. The San Andreas Government is responsible of the laws that the city has and to oversee factions. Please click here for more information.
    • San Andreas News - Our community believes that the News industry is something important, that is why we have San Andreas News. They are here to provide citizens with the daily events that may happen and organize new events. For more information regarding San Andreas News please visit this link.
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation - The main purpose of this faction is to oversee other factions and fight corruptions with the collaboration of the Government. Other duties are to be involved in the enforcement of the laws and manage High-Risk Situations. FBI is not open yet.

    This is up to you to pick what your gang will be involved into, from weapon/drug deals to committing crimes. Make sure to read all of the rules that gangs have and apply here.

    Like in real life, having a job is really important in order to be able to make a living. That is why we decided to help out players that choose to do those and reward them with some challenging payments. The jobs can vary, as there are many out there, some to mention are Pizzaman, courier and sweeper.

    You can find more details regarding jobs here as we have taken the time to write documentation so players will find that information easier.

    Uniqueness of the server

    Our script system may seem to be similar to others, but the thing that actually matters is that our dedicated team is constantly making changes to it and editing accordingly to the community's likings.

    • We have a unique User Control Panel(UCP) that helps players to view their belongings without having to get In-Game and manage better their character.
    • A fully working house/garage system that allows players to purchase their own properties and decorate them as they like.
    • The levelling system in jobs which allows players to earn a better position and get paid more based on how much time you have put into it.
    • A land system that allows players to purchase their own lands all over San Andreas and map it as they wish.
    • Two Premium ranks that offer various advantages, some of them being weaponry, increased paychecks and so on.
    • We also have a Paintball system where people can train their shooting abilities on other individuals and have some fun with their friends.

    Events & Community
    We are constantly organizing various events all over the year. The administration team is rewarding players that provide good RolePlay standards to the server and organize RolePlay situations.
    There are weekly events made by the administration team that can vary, some to mention are TDM/DM events or there can also be some RolePlay events like weaponry delivery so that players can also get involved in something new and get to know our features better.

    The community is a friendly and open-minded community that is here to offer opportunities to players and memories to remember.
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    Re: [SA:MP] Nitro Roleplay 0.3.7

    Approved. Please don't forget to include the server's physical location and a screenshot showing ​an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!" as stated in the section rules. You have 24 hours to add them. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your thread. Thank you. :--)

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    Re: [SA:MP] Nitro Roleplay 0.3.7

    Both added, thank you for informing.