Season16 - MAZEMU World x500 - START 18 DECEMBER!

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    information Season16 - MAZEMU World x500 - START 18 DECEMBER!

    Season16 - MAZEMU World x500 - START 18 DECEMBER!

    Server Name: MAZEMU World
    Version: Season16 Episode 1-2
    Server Location: Europe
    Game: MuOnline | Type : PC Game Only

    Start this exciting journey with us on Friday!

    Reset/Grand Reset Information:

    Experience 500x
    Quest System Active
    Points per Reset 440
    Reset Price 7.500.000 zen * resets
    Reset Limit 100
    Reset on site by Reset Character
    Grand Reset Limit 7
    Grand Reset Cost 1.500.000.000 zen
    Additional Stats for Each Grand Reset +8.000 Points * GR's
    Total Maximum Points on 7 GR and 100 resets 100.000 Points
    Reward for each Grand Reset 3.500 Wcoin
    3rd Master Experience 200x
    4th Majestic Experience 150x

    Chaos Combination:

    Combination Maximum Success Rate
    Item Luck +25%
    Items +10, +11, +12 60%, 55%, 50%, + Luck
    Items +13, +14, +15 45%, 40%, 35%, + Luck
    Wings Level 1 75% + Luck
    Wings Level 2 75%
    Wings Level 3 40%
    Wings Level 4 40%
    Cape of Lord Mix MAX 90%
    Socket Weapon Mix 40%
    Socket Weapon Req. Money 50.000.000 zen
    Fragment of Horn Mix 70%
    Broken Horn Mix 50%
    Horn of Fenrir Mix 30%
    Feather of Condor MAX 60%

    * Progressive Quest System
    * Custom Invasion Attack
    * Adjusted Ruud Shop

    * Team-Play Bosses
    * Moss Merchant with top resources for everyone
    * Exciting boss wars
    * Unusual innovations and settings
    * Ancient Lucky Coin Currency
    * Flying Zen Spot
    * You have not seen such an implementation of the gameplay!
    Protected Captain (PvP Event)
    * Soul of Ragnar (Team Boss)
    * Abaddon (Team Boss)
    * Multi-Levels Dungeons
    * Enchanced Master Tree
    Optimized Game-World

    * And Much More...

    Game Guide

    Full Game Information


    We have a fairly large community, players who have trusted us for a long time. We believe that quality is in the small details, that is why we pay the same attention to small details as to everything else. We provide our vision on many things, taking into account the fact that we love this game from the heart since its inception, we know what exactly players want and what they will like, which is why the gameplay is implemented exclusively for the general gaming spirit, the spirit of competition , conquests and victories. But even if you are not a warrior at heart, here you will find everything that will suit you, you can go through interesting quests, collect the best resources on the server and be the most actual merchant on the server of resources.We try to say less - do more, our main assessment is your feedback and how long you stay with us.You can always count on an active support, who will not leave you alone with trouble if that happens.

    Server START Date:
    18.12.2020 (18:00 Eastern Europe UTC + 2)

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    Re: Season16 - MAZEMU World x500 - START 18 DECEMBER!

    All newcomers from today receive:
    -* 500 free points
    -* Small wings
    -* Pet Panda for 5 days

    Any guild that comes to us from another project with 10+ members will also receive an additional bonus! To receive the bonus, all guild participants must have at least 5 resets!
    Starting from today, 2 new promo activities will start in our Discord!