Tantra Mudra | Upcoming New Tantra Online Server | Kathana 5 Revised

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    Tantra Mudra | Upcoming New Tantra Online Server | Kathana 5 Revised

    Tantra Mudra | Upcoming New Tantra Online Server | Kathana 5 Revised
    Información en Español

    Welcome to Mudra, a new server of Tantra Online Game

    This next sunday the doors of Mudra will open, we invite you to start this adventure, remember the 3 January of 2021
    What is Tantra Mudra …
    • A friendly community, made up of players from all countries
    • Support in English and Spanish by the Staff
    • There are no donations or payments of any kind • There are no items for tanys, everything is in the game.
    • Without crazy crafts, everything is done in a fun way hunting bosses, doing missions, or participating in events.
    • The Mudra server has a difficulty curve adjusted to the current times so even if you don’t have much time to play you will always notice that you progress.
    Inside the world of Mudra

    • Levels up quickly at the beginning and slower down the stretch as we approach the maximum level
    • Gold is less abundant, in this way we protect the Mudra economy from inflation, with little gold you can buy a lot!

    The beginning of your adventure

    The Mandara and Shambala monsters will drop jewelry and items that will help us start our story quickly, while we carry out the Welcome mission, we will not go through many problems at the beginning.

    Also in the NPC Ashuri we can find items that will help us in our adventure
    Pack Premium
    Consumables Premium
    Charms, Necklace Enhancement

    The content of Mudra will be unlocked little by little, we will explain what situation we are currently in:

    • At the beginning of our adventure we will be level 1 and the maximum achievable level will be level 97.
    • When entering Mandara we will find a help NPC (Freebies), he will ask us to complete some simple missions to receive our welcome gifts.
    • Reward Missions by level that you can find at the Help NPC in Mandara, which provide initial help.

    You can get 3 Welcome Quest in this NPC, you can buy it but there is a level requirement to active them
    At level 1
    At level 50
    At level 80
    This NPC also sell items that will help you.

    How to get the Items in Tantra Mudra

    • The system is based on hunting bosses and exploring the world of Tantra, when you kill a boss you will get a series of keys that will allow you to get some random boxes, the mobs also throw keys but in less quantity, depending on the boss and The area where you are, the rewards will be different, this poses the challenge of always trying to kill the strongest bosses, fight for the best places to level or drop keys, and control the respawn of bosses by the players.
    • Then to build our character we will have to open boxes that the NPC Rahul in Mandara will give us, these boxes will give us a random item that can be normal, valuable, or even crystal.

    Box System

    The jewelry box
    Awards valuable jewels up to a cap of Jewelery level 2
    It is obtained by giving “Head of the Mara tribe”
    Weapons and Armor boxes
    They award normal, valuable, and crystal items.
    There are 3 levels of boxes for and are achieved by handing over keys:

    Level 1-46 Box – Bronze Key
    Level 52-68 Crate – Silver Key
    Level 74-98 Box – Gold Key

    The refining box
    There is a single box and it gives random items where you can get from an Illa to a Sambadu or a Chattou.
    It is obtained by giving Relic of the Mara tribe
    The Items needed to trade with the NPC Rahul in Mandara Village would be the following:
    Bronze Key> Weapons / Armor 1-46
    Silver Key> Weapons / Armor 52-68
    Golden Key> Weapons / Armor 74-98
    Head of the Mara tribe> Jewels
    Relic of the Mara tribe Refining> Refining
    With this I think you can get an idea of ​​Tantra Mudra, we are waiting for you on January 3 at the opening!

    To register your account> Here <
    To download the game> Here <
    Our facebook page
    Email: info@playtantraonline.com