New WebSite for Point Blank!

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    New WebSite for Point Blank!

    Hello, I present to you a new website made by me.


    Login System.
    Registration System. (See also if you checked, if you checked, if e-mail hits).
    Account Information System.
    Player Information System.
    PinCode System (See this if you are online, if you can not activate).
    Cash Winning System (Money based on different types of players, PC_Cafe 0, PC_Cafe 1, PC_Cafe 2).
    Contribution System (Sends a Person, UUID, Nick, Email, Name, type of contribution the player makes, to better manage sales).
    System of classification of players and clans.
    Complete Support System.
    Download System (DB in MySql).
    Personnel System.

    Account_Level 4 and 5 can locate ID, view VIP's, manage ticket.
    Account_Level 6 can locate ID, manage VIP's, manage tickets, send money, gold, item and vip, manage sales, create and view PinCodes.News System.You can edit, view, create new news.