Problem connection Pointblank client [ONLINE]

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    wink Problem connection Pointblank client [ONLINE]

    Problem connection Pointblank client [ONLINE]
    Hello I tried to install pointblank v42 on a VPS so I equipped myself with a special emulator, a special launcher (I put ip inside) and a special cms.and I can honestly say that the cms, the database and the server work perfectly (without errors).

    Now I try to login from my computer (I removed XIGN) and it loads the game perfectly ..
    I get to put the data with which I registered "Example: Name 5533 and password 3322" and it tells me that it is not possible to connect, (but the emulator does not receive connection) even if there is a firewall disabled and put the parameters in the following config included in the db ..

    How can I fix .. I changed some client using (Evolution - Redemption) etc ..

    Sorry my bad english.. Thanks for support