New 1X Server - but I'm complete and utter noob with Linux and with servers

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    New 1X Server - but I'm complete and utter noob with Linux and with servers

    The title should state my intentions fairly well.
    The background

    A bit of background: I've been playing JD on and off since December 2009, both on official and on private servers. I quit official when nobody would sell me a single Jaden for 1.5 million gold (on my character Popa_Ion on Shura server).
    I appreciate the effort Perryl and comper put in making the best private servers, but they're far from official (although Reborn is a bit closer). Sorry XJD crew, no idea about your stuff because I haven't played there.
    The vision
    Now I'd like a 1X rates (on everything), but also to get rid of the p2w aspect of official.
    A system where you can buy everything from mart just by playing, but not abuse the items to where it's inbalanced (e.g. Blood Well is 15 Jadens...maybe you get that amount in 3-4 days).
    From my experience I think 30-60 Jadens / week is perfect. That way you can get the things you need on a 1x server from the marketplace without going too crazy. For 60 Jadens / week that would mean players should get 0.2 Jaden (20 Silver Jaden) every hour online + 4 Jaden / day for voting (divided by the times they can vote (say 2 votes on 2 sites every 12 hrs they get 1 / vote); that totals to 61.6 Jadens / week for someone who is always online and always on time, but realistically people will get around 30 because most of us don't have the time for 24/7 grind and clockwork votes.
    These prices and the 1X rate would ensure nobody can walk in PVP with 20 Blood wells +18 gear and wreck havoc.
    No customs obviously.

    Some tweaks to old quests to make them relevant would be very cool.
    Like making the reward for Astral Tales (which nobody did in YEARS) be something useful like Chroma beads (or anything useful really).

    The Maintenance

    A donate button would be on the webpage, but the rawards will consist ONLY of fashion items without any skills that were at some point in the game and are no longer available.
    By fashion I mean head, torso and boots, not Skyblade or anything functional.
    This will ensure the player who support this would get something, while giving them 0 advantage over those who can't afford it.
    There will still be fashion in the marketplace. We're talking getting a 2010 Santa Suit through donations, or other things that wouldn't make sense in the regular marketplace.

    The Problem

    As stated in the title, I don't know how to do any of it.
    I looked around RageZone forums for a while now, trying the "out of the box" things...typing ./start and nothing worked.

    I know Windows on an intermediate level, Linux and Mac 0 level, and Beginner level on VMs (I can make a Windows WM...and do stuff around play solitaire and connect to the internet).
    No clue about ports and that kind of thing.

    The Solutions

    A. Someone make a COMPLETE NOOB guide in 2018 (video even better), where the images and files aren't long gone, and I'll do my best to make a server like that.
    B. If anyone has a working server with those parameters (just 1x rates and that online Jaden system would be fine), I can host it.

    Feel free to add any extra input or solutions.
    All I want is a 1X server with a marketplace that's not spammable, but not p2w either.