[HELP]Can't summon StrategyPoint

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    [HELP]Can't summon StrategyPoint

    Strategy Point can't summon in any map.
    I can't summon it manually, and it does not summon automatically.

    I got this Notify in my logs:

    09-11 19:38:52|[Notify] : [A(admin:2) C(Admin:1) CI(201)], IP(xxx.xxx.x.xxx), command(/summon 2052000 1)
    09-11 19:39:00|  [Notify] S_WAR_SYSTEM_RENEWAL_STRATEGYPOINT_SUB_OPTION_JHSEOL #Summon Step.1 - Summon Process Start
    09-11 19:39:00|  [Notify] S_WAR_SYSTEM_RENEWAL_STRATEGYPOINT_JHSEOL #Summon Step.2 - CurrentTime in Today War Time : StartTime(2018-09-11 06:01:00), EndTime(2018-09-11 23:55:00)
    09-11 19:39:00|  [Notify] S_WAR_SYSTEM_RENEWAL_STRATEGYPOINT_JHSEOL #Summon Step.Finish - Do not have to be summoned anymore.
    Any suggestion to solve this problem?
    Thank you :)

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    Re: [HELP]Can't summon StrategyPoint

    Well manual spawn normally would work only when you stand in exact sp place. About auto respawn youve missed smth in config of renewal sp. If all is compiled correctly use admin tool to config sp summon times