Help Section Rules and Guidelines

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    ! Help Section Rules and Guidelines

    Help section rules:

    Please refrain from re-posting questions that have already been asked and answered.

    When posting a new thread, please uphold the following rules:
    1. Make sure to provide a brief, yet descriptive topic.
    2. Provide detailed information, such as where and how it happened, methods of replicating the error, and as much detail as possible.
    3. Provide any additional documents such as log files if and when necessary.
    4. If the thread involves the source code, please refrain from posting questions about basic things in the programming language (such as what an int type is), as you are wasting your own time. Properly educate yourself before posting anything programming related.
      On a side note, we have a separate section for programming related questions here: Coder's Paradise

    If you manage to resolve the issue on your own, please provide the solution to your problem (or the thread with the solution) and mark your thread with the [SOLVED] tag.
    Avoid pointlessly posting in threads that are months or years old, if at all possible.

    Don't forget that all the section rules AND forum rules apply here as well!

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    Re: Help Section Rules and Guidelines

    Stickied & Approved (by @Shoelace and me)! Thanks for working out nice rules for the Help Section.

    Please make sure you follow them before creating a Help Thread here.
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