Tag your own help threads with [SOLVED]

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    Tag your own help threads with [SOLVED]

    Tag your own help theads with [SOLVED], thats of course, after you've found the solution to the problem you've stated in your thread.

    I'm implementing this new tagging system so the section would look more organized and constructive. I'd also still do my part as a mod to change it when someone misses to rename his own solved help thread.

    When you edit the title of your post for the [SOLVED] tag don't remove the title of your post to help others to find a solution by searching.
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    How to tag your threads with [Solved]

    In case you don't know how to retag your thread after it has been created:

    1. Click "Edit Post" on your initial post
    2. Click "Go Advanced" to be able to edit the Title
    3. Remove the [Help] tag and add the [Solved] tag instead
    4. Save your changes

    Thanks for taking care of this rule!

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    REDMINDER of this rule!

    This is a reminder for you guys!

    Only 3! threads on the front page are currently tagged with [Solved] even though most of the other threads have high quality answers with which you should have solved your problems easily already.

    Don't just go "I HAVE A PROBLEM! SOLVE IT FOR ME!!!!!" and then leave. This behavior is more and more becoming a problem in this section and is...
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    ...driving people away from helping you, as you magically assume that everyone can see your machine, see what it is you're doing, and know what it is you're thinking.
    If you request help from here,at least supply us with enough information and notify your fellow users that your problem has been dealt with already by tagging your Help / Request thread with [Solved] !
    Notifying others that you are still working on the problem is perfectly fine, but don't leave us in the dark after you bothered us with your requests already.

    This will prevent further spam below your questions and keeps a nice visibility over what has been solved already and what has not!