What is Agario?

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    What is Agario?

    It is undeniable that most teenagers or individuals who spend their time with MMO and MMORPG games have come across the word "Agario" , or what some would say it as "Agar.Io" . There are plenty of people out there who still have no clue what Agario is , yet don't even bother to look it up , but when they do , they see these silly images of some balls floating , they close the tab like all interest has been lost. I can understand why though. One word - assumptions. Assuming that the game may be dull and boring at first thought is common , but it should be a trait to give a try before judging , like what's been said before , "don't judge a book by its cover". So the questions remains , what is Agario?

    It is to be known that Agario is a simple browser based game - commonly known to work best on Chrome. History is , a consumer on Steam who goes by the name of M28 launched Agario for the first time somewhere within May 2015 . Since its initial launch , the game has surprisingly attracted the eyes of thousand of players and the count keeps growing , time to time! The game turned out to be somewhat successful that steam had given the "green light" for further developments.

    If you're interested and decide to give this game a try , the first thing you would probably ask is , "How do you play this game?" . Of course as the start , just like any other games it may seem confusing , but in fact , it's rather simple. The first deal is , you have to choose your username when you're in the net deal with Agario. Once after that, you will find yourself landed on a grid-board like plane as tiny colored blob (makes the game somewhat silly and funny , but then again , is rather fun)

    The concept of how the game works is easy. The first act in the game is for you to consume as much pellets (small round shaped balls) as possible and grow bigger . Not that you should avoid bigger blobs , because when they take you in , it's a K.O - Game Over. Once you start to grow big enough , you will find yourself being able to absorb smaller player blobs on the market while you grow larger. To say it in a brief , a rat race is proverbial.

    For control-wise , you will need to regulate yourself on how it works. All it takes is the use of your mouse or track pad , "w" key and the SPACEBAR key. The functions of this keys are not confusing at all. The mouse acts as your navigator to control your blob around. The SPACEBAR allows you to break your cell(s) in half and the "w" key is used to eject the mass that you gained from feeding off different players and viruses and is also to drop some weight off so that you may get out from a tight position (the smaller your blob is , the faster/sooner it can move!).

    So when you're still just a small blob , the bigger blobs are sure to come after you , aggressively , you could say. When you feel like you can't escape a sizzling pursuit from a bigger blob then the only hope of survival for you would be to hind behind a nearby virus since bigger blobs don't find a liking towards viruses. It's because a virus can cut up a larger blob into items once it collides with one . So basically by hiding behind a virus , you can save yourself from those aggressive big blobs!

    Agario has surely made quite the publicity after it's launch. It certainly is a fun game and whenever you feel stressed out or tired , you can always give Agario a try . In fact , you can give it a try now !

    Thank you for reading, happy gaming !

    P.S Feel free to comment anything that I've missed out.
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