[RULES] AGAR.IO Section Rules | 22.05.2017

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    [RULES] AGAR.IO Section Rules | 22.05.2017


    Any disobeyed rules may result to an infraction or a user ban.

    Before reading the rules listed in this thread i made, you must first read this thread as the general rules of Ragezone.

    Agar.io Section Rules And Regulations

    The Agar.io section has 4 sub sections , which consist of :

    • - Help Section
    • -Tutorials Section
    • - Releases Section
    • - Developments Section.

    The rules of the sections can be found in each of the links provided:

    1.Help section --> https://forum.ragezone.com/f929/rule...ction-1079025/

    2. Tutorials Section -- > https://forum.ragezone.com/f928/rule...ction-1079028/

    3. Development Section -- > https://forum.ragezone.com/f926/rule...ction-1079012/

    4. Releases Section -- > https://forum.ragezone.com/f927/rule...ction-1079014/

    Instead of posting in a thread like "You're are spammer" or "You're in a wrong section",
    just use the report button () and an authorized person will give appropriate action regarding to your report.

    Main Section rules

    Please use english[/B] as your main language. If you do want to post another language,
    please post a english translations along with it.

    10. Do not create threads or posts asking for a team/server to join.
    Search in Recruitment section if you want to join a team.

    Do not use strong language or say vulgar comments towards people, and don't flame. If you flame you will be requested to be ban, no expressions!

    You are not to take it outside of forum! No skype , teamviewer or join.me are to be shared or requested . If such as so , do it via PM.

    We don't accept apologies from members like "sorry for having a doubled post" or "sorry mod for this flame words", rules are rules.

    LOG's POSTING and Screen shots:

    This is seriously an inconvenience to the forum readers. It would be advisable for you to do the following.

    1. Copy the log and load it as an attachment.
    2. Find the error part in your log and post just that part here.
    3. Small and large picture is now allowed to be posted. (Large will be resized)
    4. When posting long codes please use the code tag.

    This will make the forums much more clean, clear and readable.

    Please abide by this rule under any circumstances.


    Most users don't even bother looking around before posting their query.
    You all are requested to please search around before posting up.
    Most of the problems have been discussed multiple number of times and you will tend to find a solution to the problem already on the forums.

    Please make USE of the search button. Search won't bit you!

    Additional Rules:

    In the main forum of this section, you are only allowed to post discussion threads. Use the following prefix when making a thread.

    • [Discussion] Topic Name – Then you may start the discussion thread.


    Please be informed that no server (or any) advertisements are allowed in this section. If you want to advertise your server , please use this section : https://forum.ragezone.com/f115/

    Thank you,

    RaGEZONE Staff
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