AuraC9 Web Site %70 English

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    Re: AuraC9 Web Site %70 English

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    RaGEZONE Recommends

    no its working...
    please create video tutorial for us.

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    Re: AuraC9 Web Site %70 English

    Overall this looks quite good. Thanks for sharing. I also see my fallenc9 project in there, haha, were you considering making it into a template (which would be okay because I gave it to the community)? :)

    There are a few things that can be improved slightly. For example, checking session data by checking if it's blank isn't a good check, because if the session itself doesn't exist yet, you'll get an undefined index error.


    if ($_SESSION['user_no'] != "") - line 9
    if ($_SESSION['charid'] != "") - line 21

    Change to check if they're set instead:

    if (!isset($_SESSION['user_no']))
    if (!isset($_SESSION['charid']))

    One question - WHY did you make it require a MySQL database as well as the MSSQL? Or is that how it came from Aura? A weird decision still.
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    Re: AuraC9 Web Site %70 English

    I am looking to study more about c9 online but it is difficult for a few tutorials, so I would appreciate if the second part of the client c9 is made availableplease make the link part 2 google driver please

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