[Dev] AK Stats/Damage Calculator

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    [Dev] AK Stats/Damage Calculator

    Hi guys! I am currently developing a calculator for Aura Kingdom! I am... so slow on this... but getting to the point where I am going to need some assistance! Pretty much I need someone to help make the physical calculator while I do the calculations. I've got quite a bit of it covered already, about 30 some odd calculations, with hundreds more I am writing up as we speak. Just read below for more information or how you can help! ^_^

    Finished Formulas (31):
    • Base Damage Per Attack
    • Base Damage Per Attack Elements/Bosses/Elites/Players
    • Base Health Per Heal
    • Crit Damage Per Attack
    • Crit Damage Per Attack Elements/Bosses/Elites/Players
    • Crit Health Per Heal
    • Normal Damage Per Attack
    • Normal Damage Per Attack Elements/Bosses/Elites/Players
    • Normal Health Per Heal
    • Full Damage Per Attack
    • Full Damage Per Attack Elements/Bosses/Elites/Players
    • Full Health Per Heal
    • Damage Per Second
    • Damage Per Second Elements/Bosses/Elites/Players
    • Health Per Second
    • Penetration DMG

    Working on Formulas:
    • Each Skill DPS
    • Defensive
    • More Detailed Elemental Formulas
    • ... More

    Need Help On:
    • Bouncing Math Against You (Please at least know Calculus 1 or higher)
    • Actual Development of the Physical Calculator
    • Someone to Make the Calculator Pretty
    • Ideas of What to Add

    If you'd like to assist please do so! I will leave my contact info below, it'd be primarily through Discord. Once the Calculator is released, it will be posted here till I find a permanent home for it. Please enjoy it once it's out! <3

    Discord: Sobyeol#0001