Server emulator development?

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    Server emulator development?

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    Although we have some old official server files, but it's really convenient to use them with latest client files.After a bit of digging, I found all x-legends games share the same structure. Eternal Eden, Aura Kingdom, Twin Sage and even the latest 7th Darkeness( which is jp only now).I think it's worthy to develop such open source server emulator that works on all of them with only minimal modification needed. And we can update the server with files unpacked from client.It will take a lot of time to develop, but I'm not sure if anyone is interested. If you think it's possible and would like to contribute please reply. Then I'll setup a github repository and push all the things I have found so far.What we have now:1. Unprotected server files from aura kingdom (basically plain c++ code under IDA pro Hex ray decompiler with clear function names)2. Unprotected client files from official client unpacking ( for TW or HK version, you can use x64dbg or ollydbg to attach to it directly to debug with packets)What we can do:1. Slowly translating the official server into our own.2. Capture packets to analyze their content( commands / characters/...)What have been found:The client uses RSA 2048 for handshake and RC4 for later communications.

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    Re: Server emulator development?
    Private server we where working on.
    And this is a proxy we made for x-legend games.

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    Re: Server emulator development?

    This is so damn interesting! Always been wanting to try developing an emulator but never got the chance to get started. I'm intermedietely coding c# and has little knowledge in decompiling and packets. If any of you could give a kick start then I'm all up for such project.