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    config Database Editor

    Hi all.

    This is my contribution for AK, but you should not thank only me flux box is the one who is responsible for me creating this.

    What it can do?

    It can multi Clone/Delete Elements.
    It can multi Edit.
    It can return relevant searches both case sensitive and only part of the word.
    It can automatic save server side data.
    It can automatic Make Config Files.
    It can automatic Save Your Row Information aka configs.

    If you want more functions and more nicer user interface please, support this project with donations via PayPal send it to any sum is fine as long as it is in USD or EUR.

    At the moment is the version is 1 new versions will be available here as soon as i develop them.
    Thank you.

    Download link:

    Virus Total:

    Ps you might find some false positive but that is because i protect what i code.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Btw Please note that it only took me 3 hours to code this tool so if you find any bugs (i doubt you will) please replay here.

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    Re: Database Editor

    nice work~

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    Re: Database Editor

    detected virus