[Release] S1 Weapons (Awakening)

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    [Release] S1 Weapons (Awakening)

    Here are the S1 weapons from the awakening patch.
    Code is handwritten as always, therefore mistakes could be in it.
    Included are the S1 green and orange (crafted) weapons.
    Since not everyone wants level S1+ we included a second download, where the weapons are available with level 99.

    Awakening required:
    S1 Weapons Awakening
    Level 99:
    S1 Weapons Level 99

    Item ID's:
    Green - 19429, 19430, 19431, 19432, 19433, 19434, 19435, 19436, 19437, 19438, 19439, 19440, 19441, 19442, 19443
    Orange - 19468, 19469, 19470, 19471, 19472, 19473, 19474, 19475, 19476, 19477, 19478, 19479, 19480, 19481, 19482

    Have fun with these epic looking weapons!
    Thanks to Wolf and Kawa!

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    Re: [Release] S1 Weapons (Awakening)

    Bro can you upload your server files with working house and card system?

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    Re: [Release] S1 Weapons (Awakening)

    good work~

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    Re: [Release] S1 Weapons (Awakening)

    Hello, for some reason the client just close itself, and i did "merge" not just copy and paste and replace. Also the error txt just doesn't show anything related.

    Could you at least upload the whole C_ and S_ ini files that include the new weapons? because it gonna be 3 days and the client just won't work with this files.

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    Re: [Release] S1 Weapons (Awakening)

    can you change the new nif( to the old version nif( or
    if need lot of time for fix it , can share the fix tutorial?
    i use genz's tutorial, but cant fix nif( file,the nif( can work.
    new nif files in the link
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