Changing Message Colors in TTA Client

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    Changing Message Colors in TTA Client

    Hi, I want to change the colors of the messages in the client. I am using the TTA client, the A3Client.exe file has a size of 6.1 MB.

    In this forum I read that there are several methods:

    1.- Take a screenshot and then with the dropper of an image editor translate that value in hexadecimal format, for example gray color C0C0C0. By means of this method I have found too many matches and not really knowing which one to change I have not made any changes.
    2.- I downloaded a 15 MB A3Client.exe, it has already changed the colors and the font. I have tried to do the same thing as the previous case and I have not been successful.
    3.- Cvrdheeraj in a response raises search for reference 10 01 02 93 42, in both files does not find that value.
    4.- Ash.blackdevil raises in "Changing color of server messages and GM Shouts" this topic, and honestly I think it does not apply to my version or not really understood how to modify it.

    In all cases raised I have used as a tool a hexadecimal editor.

    My question is the following:
    A.- Is there a value that does not give me so many matches?
    B.- Otherwise, how can I change the colors of my client?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Changing Message Colors in TTA Client

    I have some questions for you:
    * Is TTA3 client 219 or 562?
    * Is the client unpacked and hex editable? I mean can you change IP in it?

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    Re: Changing Message Colors in TTA Client

    Sorry for delayed response. Upload your zoneserver. I ll edit it as per your requirement.
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