+10 effect on weapons 1 (sided)

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    shout +10 effect on weapons 1 (sided)

    Hello Dear Community,

    Im having troubles with +10 weapon effects on dual weapons for example (twinblade) (katar) etc
    the +10 glow is showing on 1 side of the weapons, ive tried out many things out but still cant get it to work then i found this website and thought of giving it a shot here maybe that someone will share it with the rest of the community to solve this issue out

    Thnx for your time

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    Re: +10 effect on weapons 1 (sided)

    Exe Editing.

    I had that problem but I've fixed that, it's work of 2 hours to edit it in exe

    search '[H] Weapons Effects'. in search elit pvp ers forum.

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    Re: +10 effect on weapons 1 (sided)

    hi yarin1115 can you give more details or if you can send pm here. i try many way but nothing help.