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    How can i setup my autopatcher / launcher to my webhosting service, is it even possible? can someone teach me because i don't want to make my patcher the same ip with my server.

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    Re: [HELP]Autopatcher

    you can use thor patcher easy to use it and to configure

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    Re: [HELP]Autopatcher

    Hi Momoskie,

    The setup that you are trying to do is definitely achievable and is the best setup for private servers because the resources & load usage from the download/patches will be on the webserver instead of the gameserver.

    We highly recommend that you starting creating a PATCHER using neoncube as it is user friendly. Thor is great but it requires advanced knowledge on ragnarok clientside.

    At HostBarrel, we use this setup to our customers and it is indeed really stable. You can reach us out for any ragnarok private server hosting concerns, you will be assisted for free of charge.
    Best regards,
    HostBarrel Private Server Hosting