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    I'm creating this thread so that there is a place to talk about the project on RZ without bleeding into the other development threads (like this conv: #88).

    Basically, you can ask or talk about any project hosted here: Libre Trickster - Github

    I will delete or edit any posts which ask any variation of "When will this be ready?". For the most part I work on this by myself and only when I feel like it.

    A little history and overview of the project:
    I started this project long before we had the S2 files available. In fact, at that point in time, the chance of obtaining them looked abysmal. So the only option left to have S2 features and content was to create an emulator. I personally wanted to take it a step further and make a clone of game instead since I already knew how hard it was to edit the client. Anyways, that's what lead to the creation of this project. I ended up sinking quite a bit of money into getting good domains for the project. Ntreev doesn't plan on letting go of the .com for at least a couple decades, though. Website or not lol.

    After that, I started working on the nori extractor (documenting the format, reversing existing tools, etc.), but never really had the time write the program itself. Then the S2 files were leaked/released and the need for my project drastically reduced. It got demoted to a hobby project priority level. So, ofcourse, the amount of time I spent on it reduced even further.

    About 6 months later, xTridence approached me about collaborating on the extractor program, since he was looking for a challenge to test his skills. Both of us had some terms for the agreement, one of his being the license he wanted to use. In the end, I provided all the research information I had accumulated for the tool and he agreed to write the prototype for me. He ended up adding a libconfig editor to the tool as well.

    After the prototype reached a decent degree of usability and competence, we did a couple months of bug testing (by iceblade112) and fixes, then xTridence lost interest or something and vanished as mysteriously as he appeared lol. Regardless, I am quite grateful for the assistance to the project that he provided, as it may have taken me several more years to find the time to complete a prototype myself.

    Anyways, xTridence valued his privacy and it was part of his terms to respect it. Which also why I never mentioned the project here, myself, until recently. xTridence's github account is just a shell he made for the project. I think it is funny when people follow it, though . Don't bother asking for a way to contact him. I won't tell you. I don't give my word lightly.

    So, per our agreement, I am in charge of maintaining the program after he poofs. Now, 2 years later and I finally have some time to work on the project again. I've done some fixes and updates on the prototype. I've also started writing the production-quality version of the extractor. I've made quite a bit of progress thanks to Hurricane Irma taking out my internet for a week.

    I originally planned to write the extractor in C++, but I've decided to go with Java instead to save myself the time of making sure it works the same on all platforms, since I know this program needs to be cross-platform. I've always held a deep hatred for C# for its platform-specific approach. C# is still insufficiently cross-platform for most applications, especially libre software. In addition to the license, this is reason why I didn't simply extend the prototype.

    I've recently been asked to help with similar tool for Talesweaver, so I'll be sharing the time I've allotted for TNT program with that Talesweaver program as well. So even less time lol.

    So, I think that brings us to present day. Feel free to ask for more information if I missed something.

    Technically, here are the current team members (ordered by joining date): myself, xTridence, iceblade112
    Their roles have already been explained in the post. I'm the only contact for the project, though.

    If you aren't willing to read the entire post. Do not reply. I spent a lot of time writing it.
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