A.V.A Section is Pointletss

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    A.V.A Section is Pointletss

    A.V.A Section is Pointletss
    since source code of a.v.a is released many jump to develop the game , and this section stay empty from activity probably there is a peoples work on it but prefer not share their own files now i am not section this section is bed but if no activity i mean like a almost one year , section like that called a dead area , and may other games that peoples work on them was moved to archive section a stupid thing to do , however in my opinion is to send non active section as this garbage , and restore the rest peoples work on them, and a pointless thing to do.

    no activity = archive
    activity = should be on the main forum

    but what been done is wrong , this is my opinion , you may see it by yourself before insult me but yea this is the case eventually.

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    A.V.A Section is Pointletss

    Personally, I’ve tried working on the files and hit too many roadblocks to even bother tbh. I tried to port over to VS 2010 and VS 2019 both of which did not work out for me. I got stuck at a MiniDumpWriteDump error so I deleted.

    I’ve also tried to restore the corrupted database for any additional info before I ended up creating my own and couldn’t find the correct table header to successfully restore or could I find someone who was experienced with Oracle Databases, so I did some reading. My last straw was finding out that I needed to go through CMD to do their DBMS Repair.

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