Recration Of AVA as a New Game

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    Recration Of AVA as a New Game

    well I been seen few videos from many popular games such as

    Combat Arms
    A.V.A Style

    Real War Idea ;)

    anyway a bit details of the project:

    since the A.V.A game been released the and as we understand database totally damaged I was a speak with a friend from here and I was a better idea to recreate A.V.A as realistic Game in UE4

    like Real War This Idea come to me upon like ten days after.

    the main thing for me Is to focus for now on ambush system I think the words explain herself very clearly what I doing right now is to create and apply this system on the game and the progress goes very low since I work at the airport and my freetime almost gone. all of those system on a WIP on test map so you may look like it's totally garbage but it's only matter of time, like all the good thing ;).

    as you see this is 3d sound by location it's track by your character location.

    and the character for test the system is a shinibi, this is not part of the game since i want to work on the systems that why i added her.

    after i will come home i start modding the notify system model.
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