[BETA] InsaneFlyff Is Back! -low/midrate server

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    [BETA] InsaneFlyff Is Back! -low/midrate server

    Insane FlyFF » CustomServer


    International Flyff Mid Rate Server InsaneFlyff is Back! This time we're a Mid-Rate server, Our goal is to create a server that everyone enjoys, We're not offering overpowered fancy items like other servers do, Instead we strive to make flyff the game it used to be, So Welcome to InsaneFlyff were everyone is equal!

    Mission: Our goal is to offer you a low/midrate server where leveling doesn't take to long or to quick, we got cool custom items which aren't ridiculous overpowered like most servers.

    InsaneFlyff is a server that started 2014 first time by me, We also went under the name UniversalFlyff 2016, due to some time lacking and money we haven't been able to keep the server running year around, yet our goal is to not have a donate shop for now. We might add one later in but then the items also will be farmable we want our server to be so fair as possible for everyone!. This is not a server for you if you like having millions of HP billion asal and get to max level in 30 minutes. Instead we offer a low/midrate server where you need to work togheter to take bosses down and farm your end game items!

    Please Note the server is in BETA State, So there might be some bugs! Also server will NOT WIPE after beta!

    Some Features!

    Teleporter system
    Pet Filter
    Party Finder
    Timer (FFA. Guildsiege)
    User Panel (Buff, Homepage, Vote, Extended Stats)
    Vip/Premium System
    Scratch Card (Lottery)
    Old/new Glow
    Model Change
    Burnout system
    v19 with v15taskbar

    And Alot more!

    Try out the Beta for yourself guys!

    Note we're having troubble with our dns server so for now we got a temporary dns.

    We Patch the game every sunday! we will always write what we have changed in the upcoming patches!

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    Re: [BETA] InsaneFlyff Is Back! -low/midrate server

    Henlo. Please don't forget to include screenshots that show in-game activity and an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!"​ as stated in the section rules. You have 24 hours to add them. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your thread.

    Also, moved to Upcoming. All BETA servers go in Upcoming. When your server is out of beta, you may request for it to be moved back to the FlyFF section in this thread: Your server going live? Read here!

    Please do not PM any of the mods to move your thread. Thank you. :--)