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    eDnet MuOnline x99999

    eDnet MuOnline x99999
    eDnet MuOnline Season 14 easy MAX RATES server, with latest muonline features, new character Rune Wizard, and etc..
    WEBSITE: eDnet MuOnline Season 14

    Server Infos:

    Exp rates: x99999
    Max stats: 32767
    Max level: 1100
    Max option: +16
    Soul + luck 100%, Without 80%
    Life: 70%
    High exc & ancient drop!
    Vip bonus: arena map, with custom spots and bosses!
    Resets: 400lvl stats stay!
    Every reset, you got 20 Wcoins!
    Spots all maps! (press tab to see mini map)
    Offline shop in devias only!


    Join US - and have fun!

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    Re: eDnet MuOnline x99999

    there's no download link in the website

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    Re: eDnet MuOnline x99999

    Hello. As per our section rules I must ask the OP to add the following to their advert:

    A direct download link
    The location/country of your server's host
    At least one in-game screenshot of an admin character saying 'Hello RaGEZONE'

    You have 48 hours to add these. Failure to do so will result in your thread being archived. Thanks.


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