Flyff Returns [International Private Server]

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    Flyff Returns [International Private Server]

    Our team is proud to announce the launch of FlyFF Returns! We will offer you customized contents and a terrific game experience. We hope that everyone will come and enjoy the game with us!

    Site :
    Forum :
    Discord :

    [Taille Client : 1.90G]

    Level cap: 150
    Experience rate: 250
    Drops rate: Custom
    Gold rate: 150

    During the character creation, you will be able to choose your class directly and also pick the outfit you want. You will start your adventure with your class weapon and a starting pack.

    We kept the base of Flaris and then remade the continent completely.However, do not worry, since it's based on Flaris, you won't get lost!

    New splendid instances await you on the continent that will demonstrate you the magic of FlyFF Returns!
    This is just perfect for the players who love PvE!

    A fully redesigned and re-coded window for the comfort of our players. You will be able to make your parties private with a password, choose the number of players, restrain the player levels and indicate other players that you intend to farm a certain dungeon.

    Throughout your adventure, you'll have the opportunity to take the Coliseum challenges.
    Currently, there's 5 challenges of different levels and difficulties. The Hall of Fame, every challenge has its own ranking, weekly and monthly.Show the other players that YOU are the best player around!

    The pet filter also has been redesigned and thus is now more user friendly for our players.

    Welcome to our players who love PvP, you are one versus.. well all! Enjoy yourselves in a classic but timeless Free For All and be the best!

    Don't play alone anymore ! Adopt a new mount to explore the lands together for instance ! After the flying machines, here comes our earthy mounts that will allow you to move wherever your wish quickly throughout your adventures.

    Once a week, instead of the regular Guild Siege will occur... the Guild Siege Monster! The
    principle is simple: It's the same as a regular Guild Siege except that different monsters will spawn throughout the game and will grant you buffs for a limited time or even grant you GS points!

    client (English, German and French)
    No Baruna
    No cheated awakenings
    Third classes
    Look changeAura
    systemGuild buff (Passive)
    Revised skills
    Wiki for items
    Class change in one click
    Perin converter
    Hotkeys customized
    Connection buff
    New monsters
    New musical atmosphere

    Should you need more details on what we added (systems or others), we ask you to visit our forums. You will find plenty of useful guides regarding what we added! Still not convinced, are you? Here are the first 20 minutes of gameplay! On our Youtube channel, you will find a tour of the new Flaris!
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    Re: Flyff Returns [International Private Server]

    Henlo. Please don't forget to include a screenshot that shows an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!"​ as stated in the section rules. You have 24 hours to add them. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your thread. Thank you. :--)

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    Re: Flyff Returns [International Private Server]

    Sorry sir , it's ok ! =)

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    Re: Flyff Returns [International Private Server]

    Look's great! Realy good job about this server. I download now!