★ FreedomHotel ★ R63B ★ 24/7 ★ UPDATED ★ Great Community ★ Hiring Staff ★ DDOS Protec

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    ★ FreedomHotel ★ R63B ★ 24/7 ★ UPDATED ★ Great Community ★ Hiring Staff ★ DDOS Protec

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    About FreedomHotel?
    Welcome to Freedom Hotel.

    We are a friendly hotel with great friendly staff that looks after all the community within Freedom Hotel. We try our best to help everyone in the community and resolve situations and also look after everyone in a friendly manner. With a Live Forum and a hosted Radio Player that we brought


    At this Time FreedomHotel has only just learned how to walk we are a small community but hoping we will achieve this by growing more, we will add daily events soon the users comes in. Once we do we will open the staff applications at a later stage.


    We're using Window Server 2016 DataCenter. For VPS and protection, we are running on a 3.91 GB RAM Hosted With XenNetworks. Also We have a TCP proxy in place hosted by the same company you can check them out here :)

    Updates to come

    Public Rooms : For People to Chill and Relax met new
    Forums : Daily Forum Events and Updates posted regarding the update area on hotel and Forum
    Casinos : Will be adding some Casinos with Trusted Dealers (To grab the Trusted Dealers Badge we will Test you)
    Badges : More badges later to Come
    Furni : Adding more Wired Furni and Fix pet Skins
    Logo : Will Change the Logo at some Point

    Fixes :
    Wired : nearly all Wired been Fixed
    Games Shop : Games Like Battle Banzai Freeze Tag Freeze and FootBall all Works perfectly (so Far no bugs)

    So Why Wait Around Head on Over to >>Freedom Hotel<<
    Or Pop Over onto our Forums >>HERE<<


    Main Page has a Drop Down Box

    Working Radio and Staff Page

    Working Client

    Me Page : Logo Will Get Changed

    Working Forum

    Working Games Room

    Enjoy and see you on there at this time giving rares out 1 per account which started 1st December and ends 31st at 11:59PM GMT

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    Re: ★ FreedomHotel ★ R63B ★ 24/7 ★ UPDATED ★ Great Community ★ Hiring Staff ★ DDOS Pr

    Very good start, however I recommended steering clear of retroripper releases because they half translated and are annoying for the users. Secondly I hope you didn't pay for that actual radio player, you can find a lot nice html5 players.

    Anyways good luck.