★ Habon Hotel ★ Free from Lag ★ Hiring ★ Dedicated Staff ★

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    ★ Habon Hotel ★ Free from Lag ★ Hiring ★ Dedicated Staff ★


    my name is anwen, I am manager of Habon Hotel and I am here introducing you guys brand new hotel called Habon Now our hotel is still new but it is evolving really fast. Listening our users opinions. Because we are creating this hotel not for only ourselves. It is for you, the users too.

    We are also at the moment hiring some moderators, so if you are interested pop online and find the Staff App from frontpage

    Little pit of our features:

    ★ No Lag

    ★Latest Furniture & Wireds

    ★ Friendly & Dedicated Staff

    ★ A lot of custom furniture

    ★ Weekly events ROTW, COTW, OOTW (and more!)

    ★ Gold VIPs hosting events!

    ★ Discord sever to communicate with offline staff members and users!

    Now.. as I said our population is not the highest but I truly hope it will grow in future with your help. What are you waiting? Come on and join us.. the Christmas is coming with great gifts ;)

    Habon Hotel - Make friends, join the fun, get noticed!


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    Re: ★ Habon Hotel ★ Free from Lag ★ Hiring ★ Dedicated Staff ★

    Henlo. Please don't forget to include screenshots that show in-game activity and an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!"​ as stated in the section rules. You have 24 hours to add them. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your thread. Thank you. :--)
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